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The Direction of Ease

The Direction of Ease inquires into the performativity of touch and proposes a kinaesthetic choreography. It is an intimate participatory performance whereby 3 dance artists, with a background in touch-based therapeutic and/or movement teaching practices, perform artful bodywork on an audience-of-one. A larger audience is welcomed to observe the artful bodywork followed by a group discussion initiated by the audience-of-one’s description of their experience. The Direction of Ease creatively engages at the intersection of touch therapy modalities, dance and performance. As music is made to be heard, a meal to be tasted, The Direction of Ease is a performance to be felt directly through touch by an audience-of-one and empathetically for the larger audience.


photo by Kevin MacCormack, 2018

What’s it’s History


The Direction of Ease is derivative of a practice playfully named Cranio Fakeral, initiated by dancer, choreographer and creative Jacinte Armstrong from Halifax, Nova Scotia. On several occasions since 2015, Jacinte has assembled dance professionals whose careers have been nourished by the study and practice of touch therapy and somatic practices into the studio and conversation.


The core team of practitioner/performers is composed of Jacinte Armstrong, Kelly Keenan and Elise Vanderborght with the creative contributions and collaboration of several others including Susanne Chui, Belinda He, Marie Claire Forté and dramaturg Lois Brown.

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