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Fluid Confluence(s)

Studio 303 

May 6th - 10th 2024


This year’s Movement Educator’s Forum, Fluid Confluence(s), marks the 10th anniversary of a community event that invites local folks that lead movement practice to come together to exchange, reflect and re-inspire their teaching. Acknowledging that many of us address common themes, such as our relation to gravity or spirals, the MEF celebrates the unique ways that each of us engages with any given theme. This year, co-facilitators Kelly Keenan and Mathi LP foreground fluids as objects of embodied inquiry in diverse movement practices.

Fluid confluence(s) explores how different teachers envisage and mobilize what it is to be, and to become, fluid. With “fluid” we propose a broad term that could be used to describe a quality of movement, an embodied inquiry into the material bodily fluids, or fluid identities and social mediations, but ultimately leave space for a multifold of enactments.

Over the course of the week, we are delighted to see what emerges and submerges from the confluence of fluid engagements through practices lead by our 5 invitees. We invite curiosity into : 

What is meant by fluidity? 

How does each invitee summon, or cultivate sensitivity to, the fluid body? 

How does the fluid body listen? 

What does each fluid body surface? What does each fluid body submerge? 

Perhaps, by the end of the week our normalized ways of understanding what it is to be fluid will be blasted open by the practices of others.


2023 Readiness

Alida Esmail et Trevor Copp, Liquid Lead Dancing 
Hanna Sybille Müller, Contemporary Dance
Maryse Damecour, Preparing the autonomic nervous system
Aurélie Brunelle,The Flamenco body
Peter Jasko, Flying Low


2021 Head-Tail Relations

Karen Fennell, Gyrokinesis

Susanna Hood, Open Source Forms

Lauren Semeschuk, Ilan Lev & Contemporary dance

Andrew Harwood, Contact improvisation

Kevin O'Connor, fascia research & biodynamic craniosacral practice

2019 Touch & Training

Nita Little, Tactility of Attention

Ivanie Malo Aubin, Fancy Shawl Dancing

Eroca Nicols, Nature Drag and/or Rocks don’t Apologize

Kelly Keenan, Feeling Dancing

Xavier Therrien, Yoga

2018  Metaphor & Movement

Katie Ward, The Franklin Method

Eryn Dace Trudell, Skinner Releasing Technique

Marc Boivin, Contemporary Dance

Sylvie Fortin, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

Charles Koroneho, Body Weather (Min Tanaka) & Movement Culture


2017 Dancing Together

Alanna Kraaijeveld, Mobility & Co-ordination

Eroca Nicols, Contact Improvisation and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Kira Kirsch, Axis Syllabus and Contact Improvisation

Nancy Lavoie, Tango Argentin and Massage Therapy

Lucy M. May, Independent Dance Artist


2016 Fascia: Concepts to be Moved by

Dr. Gracovetsky, The Spinal Engine

Amanda Acorn, Contemporary Dance

Lauree Wise, Body Mind Centering

Kevin O’Connor, Fascia Modeling and Dance Scores

Linda Rabin, Continuum Movement

Madelaine Shen, Chiropractics

2015 In Honour of the Foot

Angelique Wilkie, Contemporary Dance

Ashlea Watkin, Occupational Therapy

Jean-Francois Harvey, Osteopath

Dana Gingras, Gyrokinesis

Joanna Abbott, kinesiology

2014 Core

Sara Hanley, Contemporary Dance

Mariko Tanabe, Body Mind Centering

Katie Ward, Franklin Method

Kelly Keenan, Axis Syllabus

Lin Snelling, Voice and Movement

2013 Breath

Warwick Long, Feldenkrais

Catherine Lavoie-Marcus, Contemporary Dance

Kira Kirsch, Axis Syllabus

Linda Rabin, Continuum Movement

Jéremie Fiset, Aekkus


THANK-YOU’S to Studio 303 & Peer Organizational Team

Laurel Koop, Ashlea Watkin, Kira Kirsch, Eroca Nicols, Ruth Douthwright, Kerwin Barrington,

Kevin O’Connor, Rebecca Rehder, Mathilde Loslier-Pellerin & Linda Rabin

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