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Vous Etes Ici
The Eyes of the City
The Sensing INN

Supported by Conscience Urbaine, we occupied a grassy corner in hochelaga at the crux of industrial and bicycle traffic. We welcomed people passing to stop and engage with the space in a new way in the form of a guided experience that hones attention into the sensual detail of the space.

In the Eyes of the City we occupied private owned public space, namely Montreal's underground city, exploring how to see this shared space through the felt senses. Often with eyes closed our explorations were performances in themselves that invited viewers to slow down and/or stop and witness.  

In The Sensing INN we will occupy a vacant storefront in a Montreal neighbourhood living a gentrification transition. Rather than commercial exchange the space will serve as a gathering place, performance space, exhibition, and work space for us and community members. How can we subvert the relationship to consumerism by offering experience as a commodity?

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