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s p e c i e s

species  (2009)

35 minutes

Choreography & Performance: Kelly Keenan & Kira Kirsch

Music: Philippe Lauzier

Presented at The Garage (San Francisco), OFFTA, Dance Matters (Toronto), Int’l Buehnwerkstatt (Graz)


s p e c i e s  is a moving body exposition that makes a scientific, sensual and social attempt to perplex our experience and understanding of the living body. Subtle, supple and sublime, the spine is a binding common among all vertebrate species. With illogical precision two living bodies resistant to one identity saturated in space and elongated in time construct, deconstruct, and re-construct into unrecognizable forms, impressions and sensations. Unifying and distinguishing characteristics surface and relinquish to meditate on. 

Created in residence at:

The Nomadic College, Czech Republic 2009; Finland 2010

The Garage, San Francisco, 2010

Studio 303, Montreal, 2010. 

s p e c i e s  was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts


Keenan and Kirsch have been associates since 2003 via their involvement with the practice, teaching and contribution to the Axis Syllabus- a movement training system. Interest to collaborate arose from a shared intrigue in the meticulous body, incremental details of movement and its creative worth.


Philippe Lauzier is a montreal musician (alto saxophone, bass clarinet) improviser & composer. His music is reputed for non-conventional instrumental preparation & techniques.  Lauzier has toured Europe with Pierre-Yves Martel (Sainct Laurens) &with choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde. He plays with Quartetski (musique d’Érik Satie), Martin Tétreault, Kim Myhr, Klaxon Gueule, Isaiah Ceccarelli, Antoine Berthiaume &  Supermusique.

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