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Be Still & Know Me

Be Still & Know Me (2017)

Choreography & Performance: Kelly Keenan

55 minutes

Presented at USINE C (Montreal) May 2017


Be Still & Know me is a performance lecture on the relationship between stillness and movement. More specifically it is the artist’s meditation on fulcrums; the still points around which all movement orients itself. The artist dances with ideas and models of still points reflected in different understandings of the body from Cranial Sacral Therapy, KMI Structural Integration, scientific papers and anatomical atlases. The manner in which the artist switches modes from teaching to performing thus positioning the audience accordingly as both student or spectator.  This hybrid performance lecture obscures what is fact or fiction throughout the piece. Be Still & Know Me is interested in this obscurity as a practice and representation of multiple ways of understanding the body as knowledge. Be Still & Know Me is structured as a series of "numbers" which both revels in, and laughs at the beautiful, indeterminate nature of anatomy.


Be Still & Know Me was created in residency at:

The Banff Centre, The Art of Stillness Interdisciplinary Residency, 2016

University of Calgary, Guest Artist Teacher, 2017

Usine C, The 3rd Floor Projects, 2016 - 2017  



Thank-You to Joni Martin, Sara Bild, k.g. Guttman, Thea Patterson, Lauren Semeschuk, Sybille Muller, Rebecca Rehder, Susanna Hood, Sara Hanley, Dorian Nuskind-Oder, Yves Sheriff, Usine C, Bella, Diane Borsato, Christopher House for your creative input and support. 

Round Rock
My Body is a Sphere wherein there ..
Winding a Ball of String around ....
Woven Perineum
Be Still & Know that I am ....
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