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a practice

A Practice is a choreographed experience that bridges Kelly Keenan’s teaching and artistic interests and focuses on sharing an experience of the body. Created in collaboration with musician Adam Kinner, it aspires to a form that dissolves perceived contradictions between teacher / student and performer / audience dichotomies. APractice is a hybrid form. It is at once a physical practice and a performance among other things. Fundamentally it is an experiencing practice. It is a carefully curated and delivered series of relatively still and simple poses that permit for hyper acute attention accompanied by an immersive sound experience. Some moments call for the abandon of will while others call for the recruitment of will. There will be trampolines. By attending, each participant becomes the host of the body experience and thus, the performer, teacher, pupil and audience all at once.



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Amelie under blanket
Maddy in Child's pose

Adam Kinner and Kelly Keenan have been collaborating since 2011 in different contexts, exchanging roles and creating in tandem. Kelly is a dance artist and teacher with a plurality of interests around extended notions of choreography and embodiment. Adam’s background in music and composition has leant to broader fields of performance and choreography. Their different backgrounds nourish and expand the other’s practice, resulting in projects that are neither music nor dance, choreography nor composition, performance nor interpretation, but rather a hybrid performance-experience.​​​​​​

"A Practice is a beautiful journey through bodily experience, reminding me to be present and to celebrate that."


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