What's Shaking?  Fall 2019 Newsletter


I am very excited by the projects I am engaged in this Fall beginning with performing with Katie Ward and company in imaginationreality at Theatre de la Chapelle September 16th - 20th.

Following that I will be teaching my annual intensive workshop Feeling Dancing at Studio 303 Sept 23- 27th and just a few weeks later Kevin O’Connor will be joining me to co-facilitate the 7th annual Movement Educator’s Forum on Touching & Training.  All the meanwhile my weekly Thursday evening classes will be ongoing September 12th - December 12th with a short break in October.


In October I will be travelling to Colorado Springs where I will be participating in an Integral Anatomy Workshop taught by Gil Hedley -- a leading fascia researcher and myofascial body worker who leads dissection workshops making learning that is typically exclusive to clinical professionals available to professionals who work with bodies like body workers, movement instructors and some dance professionals.  


Finally, the last half of the fall up until winter break I will be returning to teach at Concordia University’s Dance Department — always a very engaging and fulfilling group to work with.


During the Fall and Winter 2018-2019 I will be finishing up my coursework towards an MA in Concordia’s Individualized program and moving into my research-creation project where I’ll be exploring somatic choreographies reflecting on dance studies, art education and sensory anthropology.


Wishing you much movement, even in stillness!




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